From March 27 you’ll be able to pre-order every clothing piece from our Me & The Homies collection. 

Pre-ordering is a way for us to dictate how much material and ultimately product we’ll invest and produce, minimizing environmental waste and prioritizing quality over quantity.

This is the only way to grant you access to any piece of clothing from this collection.


Pre-ordering is a frequently adopted model in fashion, where you pay upfront a small price percentage for products you will receive and fully pay for weeks later


We choose the pre-order model as a way to dictate how much material to produce, with the aim of minimizing environmental waste and prioritizing quality over quantity.


  • Go to the link in bio or on our website in the pre-order section, choose the item/items you want to buy and select the size based on the information in the garment description
  • Pay upfront part of the garment price with the payment method you prefer
  • Wait for the item/items to be delivered to your door
  • Once shipped, the rest of the price will be deducted from the account you indicated for the first part of the payment.


Pre-orders are open from March 27 to April 27.
This means you have a month to buy any garment from the collection.

After April 27, you won’t be able to purchase anything from the collection anymore.

Your orders will be shipped by October 15.
We know it may seem a long wait, but quality takes time and sustainable practices do, too.


Our production is strictly based & made in Italy, and more specifically in Treviso and Bergamo.

Shipping will be available worldwide.


The team is here to assist you in any circumstance.
If in doubt, dm us on IG or send an email to