With Ascend Beyond, we love to imagine and create new products. Our passion is to give life to things that are beautiful, useful, carefully designed, ironic, functional and that make you smile every time you discover a new hidden detail. In a context that is already so saturated with products and characterized by major global challenges such as climate change and air pollution, we believe it is necessary to do everything we can to reduce our impact on the environment and the communities of which we are a part.

With our garments, we want to tell a story that promotes a message of hope and desire in trying to develop more responsible and inclusive business models.
We have chosen to use a sales model based on pre-order, not only to give value to the quality and durability of our garments, but also to counteract the market dynamics that promote production of garments in unsustainable quantities and rhythms.


Fabrics and Materials

Most of the fabrics we use for our garments are end-of-stock, resources already present and not exploited that we recover throughout Italy.

The reuse of materials and the integration of preexisting elements into our designs are part of our identity, which is dictated by a fascination for everything that has a past history, capable of enriching every single garment: starting from fabrics. We have tried to apply this ethos to other areas of our brand. For example, the zip-ties of our jackets are made from the small unused silverware of the family trousseau of friends and relatives or found in flea markets

Customers are thus stimulated to ask themselves one more question, to discover something. Every little element helps to expand the normal experience of wearing a garment.

When the fabric is not end-of-stock, it is carefully selected according to environmental sustainability criteria such as:

  • The production chain must be traced and must comply with the requirements of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion Guidelines.

  • The processes in which chemicals are used are monitored and chemical mixtures evaluated according to the requirements of the Project shared with the Ministry of Health and Consumer 48 Associations.

  • We ensure that the entire supply chain is certified with regard to the health of the animals and the quality of the yarn obtained.

  • Our suppliers have certifications such as Cradle to Cradle Certified, Textile and Health Certified, Global Recycle Standards, ZQ Merino and Better Cotton Initiative.  



When it comes to packaging, we've also placed a focus on reusing materials; each garment is placed in a fine-stock cotton bag designed by our team and packaged specifically for us. In this way the bag can take on a second life that can be adapted to the needs of our customers. Finally, we invite everyone to use our products in every context, to live them and consume them, but also to take care of them by repairing them over time, up to handing them down to loved ones.