A Sonic Experience EP 1

Ascend Beyond presents “Ho veduto”, the first episode from our ongoing series of sound investigations. To break the ice was our lovely and talented friend Lorenzo Cattel @lollocat . Lollo studies philosophy, plays the piano, writes and does all of those others things which he says won't find you a job (but we don’t agree, he does great stuff). He also cries in front of every good piece of art. When asked to describe the musical selection you will find in the playlist he told us “there's some of my favourite gems, simple music with a twist like @ascendbeyond's aesthetics. I also thought of an ascending progression, can you hear it in the second part of the playlist? Probably it's just in my mind but if you focus on it enough you'll ascend yourself too, trust me.”
Hit the link in bio to immerse yourself in this unique sonic experience.



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